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Most of the collaboration that we facilitate happens in conjunction with one of sixteen business centers on campus. These are the colleges, departments and specialties that most regularly work with the private sector. However, if your need doesn’t align with one of these centers, that’s not a problem. We work with faculty and resources across the entire university.

Center for Collaborative Medical Device Design

The Center for Collaborative Medical Device Design (CCMDD) at the University of Cincinnati fosters breakthrough collaboration by cutting through administrative red tape to connect the medical and business communities with UC’s vast resources and expertise.  

We are an expert resource where leading medical device manufacturers like C.R. Bard and Halyard Health turn to spark innovation for existing product enhancement and new device development. 
CCMDD combines innovative front-end research techniques with great product development to optimize medical device design. Our relationships with key hospitals such as the University of Cincinnati Medical Center enables us to conduct design research in the clinical environments where healthcare providers use medical devices daily.

With the faculty, students and facilities of four separate UC colleges also at our disposal, CCMDD offers a multi-disciplinary team with a proven record of success in device development. We ask questions. We design. We engineer.. We solve real problems for real people. We partner with device manufacturers to create medical devices that improve patient care and impact clinical practice.

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Center for Educational Innovation & Technology Enhanced Learning

The Center for Educational Innovation & Technology Enhanced Learning (CEITEL) establishes university leadership and innovation in the development, adoption, integration and application of technology-enhanced learning processes. This UCRI center will hasten the transformation of healthcare informed by patients, healthcare providers and administrators. This center will also expand the university’s knowledge base globally, bring new innovations to the forefront of medicine and provide a more diverse and rich learning environment to students, faculty, staff and partner organizations. (College of Nursing and UCIT)

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Criminal Justice Institute

The Criminal Justice Institute (CJI) at UCRI seeks to bridge the gap between research and practice by working closely with academics, researchers and practitioners to advance knowledge sharing and the application of research in the field of criminal justice. CJI is committed to promoting the use of best practices across the criminal justice system including those related to crime control, administration, public safety, correctional programming, and the effective assessment and classification of offenders. (College of Education, Criminal Justice and Human Services)

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Innovation & Opportunity Research Institute

The Innovation & Opportunity Research Institute (IORI) is dedicated to working with community partners at the local, regional, national and international levels to increase professional opportunities. Clients include educational associates, business and civic affiliations and non-profit agencies. IORI is committed to innovation, partnership, diversity, leadership and support. Current projects include developing and supporting IT solutions for non-profits, start-ups, research centers and corporations. Solutions include software testing, web and mobile applications, database solutions and software support among others. (College of Education, Criminal Justice and Human Services.)

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MetroLAB is a design/build/research program that aims to design, innovate and construct projects that support the infrastructure and development of the built environment. That means working with architecture, design and construction firms to apply research to industry projects; learning through the process of creating; and engaging the community on the impact of design on neighborhoods. More >>>

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Skin Science and Technology Center of Excellence

P&G is the founding partner behind this innovation center, which was created to advance the understanding of the science behind skin. Research is fundamental to the company’s product development, and this center—exclusive to UCRI—will be pivotal to furthering P&G’s needs in skin science and technology. (College of Engineering and Applied Science, Department of Chemistry in the McMicken College of Arts & Sciences and the James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy.)

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The Thompson Center

The Thompson Center at UCRI creates need-driven medical device technology. The center starts with a clinical need, ensures a defensible business case, then tackles it through the invention of medical devices that can be sold in the medical marketplace. Every project the center undertakes has the goal of creating a business that will improve health and health systems. As Dr. Jonathan Thompson, the center’s founder, puts it, “A lot of people think business shouldn't be a part of medicine, but it really does enable us to do what we do and facilitate continuous improvement.” (Department of Surgery, UC College of Medicine)

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UC2U is the University of Cincinnati’s dedicated eLearning initiative for non-traditional students. UC2U stands out among the university’s eLearning programs as being targeted toward business professionals and others who wish to grow a professional skill set. The Center works alongside the university and its colleges to market, recruit, advise and retain students pursuing professional certificate programs to master’s degrees in everything from presentation design, criminal justice and human services to nursing.  

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UCommunicate, an extension of UCRI, helps clients effectively and purposefully communicate. The center uses its knowledge and expertise in communication, marketing, research, social networking, event planning, public relations and training to deliver four distinct services: Uengage marketing, Uimpress public relations, Ueducate training and development and Uenhance research. All are designed to deliver dynamic solutions for clients; practical, real-world skills for students; and context-specific knowledge sharing for faculty. (Department of Communication, McMicken College of Arts & Sciences. 

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UC Biology

UC Biology provides traditional research assistance that impacts product development and design. For example, one recent project tested the impact of heat, light, scent, chemicals and other natural and artificial stimuli on the efficacy of insect capture devices. The center calls on a combination of researchers and graduate assistants to deliver its work. (McMicken College of Arts and Sciences) 

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UC Chemistry

The UC Chemistry/UCRI advances and expands industrial sponsorship of chemistry-related research and development. The center, along with UCRI’s efforts, encourages technology commercialization and economic development in Cincinnati and surrounding regions. It also offers resources to enhance research infrastructure, strengthen graduate research and invest in new emerging areas of research. Current industry partners include P&G and Ribonova. (Department of Chemistry within the McMicken College of Arts and Sciences.)

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UC Engineers

UC Engineers, a UCRI center, delivers a wide range of engineering services that spans advanced technology, consulting expertise, state-of-the-art testing and groundbreaking research. Relationships with industry partners strengthen college infrastructure and allow increased investment in emerging/strategic areas to the benefit of companies across the tri-state. UC Engineers clients experiencing success include GE Aviation, P&G, GE Power and Water, Hyundai Motors, VP Korea, AMP, Okeanos Technologies, Lubrizol and L3-CE. (College of Engineering and Applied Science.)

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UC Geology

UC Geology complements outside industry by applying its specialized knowledge, labs and equipment to client problems. One recent example: crushing 1,000 pounds of zircon pellets to extract the highest yield of usable material possible. Current partnerships include Central Mineral Processing. (McMicken College of Arts and Sciences.)

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advanced manufacturing center

The Advanced Manufacturing Center at UCRI houses some of the industry’s most cutting-edge technology, offering virtually limitless possibilities. Think of it at 3D printing on steroids: Instead of little plastic models, this technology allows the design, manufacture and functional use of prototypes printed on a variety of materials such as polymers, metals, bone… even chocolate. Advanced Manufacturing offers numerous benefits that other manufacturing techniques don’t. Rapid prototyping. Material development. Optimized design. These are just a few reasons why many technology-driven industries like aerospace engineering and healthcare are investing significant resources in developing Advanced Manufacturing and why UCRI loves to innovate in this space. Contact Dustin Lindley, the Center’s manager to learn more.

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